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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I miss my Berlin part2

And here I would like to present you another places in Berlin, which I also like very much and always went there.
I left with my husband Berlin for 2 years, but we will definitely come back ;-)
Below are places where I go to drink a caffe and to enjoy the best cakes in town. "Sowohl als auch" has the best cakes in Prenzlauer Berg is for sure insider tip, probably not anymore :-)
In "Kauf dich glücklich" also in Prenzlauer Berg they make delicious waffle with cream and fruits and fresh mint tee.
"Spindler&Klatt" this is restaurant and club with a huge white beds which are inviting to take your dinner in bed. I love go there in summer.
And if you need make-up or very good  beauty products than you need to visit Jacks Beauty Department.
I did there my wedding make-up. Amazing place. Paradise for everybody who like beauty stuff and need professional help.
"Wald" it's incredible shop with beautiful, unique clothes and you can be sure that you will be the only one who is wearing it!
Oooh and  in Lala Berlin you can buy wonderful scarfs. So many amazing places in this town.....

Sowohl als auch 

 Spindler&Klatt Restaurant

Sage Restaurant

Wald Store Berlin

Lala Berlin

Jacks Beauty Department

Borchardt Restaurant

Kauf dich Glücklich

The Weinmeister Hotel

Uma Restaurant

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