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Thursday, January 19, 2012


The sneakers trend started by Isabel Marant seems to have spread all over the world. A colorful pair of sneakers is an awesome alternative to shoes like ballet flats or chunky boots, plus they add this sporty edge to an outfit and work great with skinny jeans, shorts or simple leggings (how hot does Miranda Kerr look in those leather leggings and Isabel Marant sneakers?). I love the playful color combos of Isabel Marant and trio of velvet straps.
Beyoncé famously rocked the shoes in her “Love On Top” music video and Alicia Keys wore the shoes to the basketball game on Christmas day. The sneakers are quite pricey, retailing at between $680-$780, but if you want you can buy another one, they are chieper and also very nice: Ash. They are available online for $250-$320.

Snikeary od Isabel Marant na koturnie zawojowaly swiatem. Kolorowe trampki moga swietnie zastapic balerinki albo kozaki na obcasie. Poza tym daja sportowy szyk naszemu stroju i swietnie prezentuja sie z rurkami, krotkimi spodenkami albo po prostu z leginasami(jak widzimy u modelki Mirandy Kerr, ktora nalozyla snikersy z skorzanymi rurkami). Uwielbiam ten wybor kolorowi te potrojne zapiecie na rzepy. Beyonce ma na sobie te buty w  wideoklipie "Love On Top" a  Alicia Keys zalozyla je na mecz basketbollu w swieta. Trampki kosztuja 680-780 dolarow, ale jest jeszcze tansza wersja od wloskiej firmy Ash, ktore mozna kupic online i ich cena wynosi: 250-320 dolarow.

Isabel Marant


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